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The most interesting place of this area is The Krkonoše mountain range - the highest mountains in Czech Republic. Many tourists are fond by Krkonoše because of its various paths with beautiful views. There are also wonderful oportunities to ski in winter. There is a lot of pistes and also great conditions for  running skiing. In Špindlerův Mlýn there is even an excelent summer bob-sled track for entertainment.




Not far from Lázně Bělohrad there is a town Nová Paka. You can find there many interesting places as well. There is The Museum of the Precious Stones, Exhibition of Spiritism and Suchardův Dům (Sucharda´s House - The house of artists). In The Museum there is an exhibition precious stones which were found in the surroundings of Nová Paka. There are for example kinds of agates, jaspers and so on.

In Štikov which is the part of Nová Paka there The European Championship in autocross takes place every year. And many other motoristic competitions are organised here as well.


The town Jičín is famous for its Fairy-tales Festival. It takes time for one week usually in September every year.

 To the westward of Jičín we enter Český Ráj (The Czech Paradise). This area is full of points of interest - natural beauties and historical monuments: castles, out look towers, Prachovské skály (Prachov Rocks) with many viewing sites, quiet romantic valeys and botanical interests. We can also find there typical folk wooden architecture adorned villages and many castles for example one of the best preserved gothic castles - KOST - that stands not far from the town Sobotka. The whole area is well marked by tourist signs. It is easy to approach this area by road or railway. This everything makes ideal conditions for travelling in every season of the year.



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